Welcome to the future
of sustainable lighting.

Since 2023 IQ LUX has embraced the mighty challenge of achieving net zero lighting, serving as the industry’s beacon of honest sustainability. With dedication to CO2-neutral production, revolutionary engineering, and innovative technology, we are constantly exploring new horizons in material, form and function. We consider simplicity and efficiency to be the cornerstones of resource preservation and support those who want to express their creativity through individual lighting concepts.

It’s time to start the lighting revolution. Together.


What we are made of.

With our proprietary 3D printing filaments made from bio-based or recycled sources, we optimize a larger portion of our company’s value chain and tailor material properties precisely to our needs. Waste materials are seamlessly incorporated into the filament, initiating a recycling process where waste transforms into a valuable resource. Our ongoing efforts aim to produce a CO2-negative filament in the future, highlighting the incredible potential of turning waste into a sustainable commodity.


Recessed Spotlights

Recessed spotlights provide effective illumination, seamlessly blending into any environment. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, they deliver understated elegance and offer maximum design freedom.

Surface Spotlights

These versatile surface-mounted spotlights feature a timeless design, offering simplicity and style that persist while still providing different customization options of various shapes and textures.

Track-mounted Spotlights

Innovative track luminaires seamlessly blend contemporary design with flexible functionality, directing and adjusting light precisely where it’s needed, all while offering the highest efficiency.

Suspended Luminaires

Customizable suspended luminaires, available in various organic or geometric shapes. The option to customize both the interior and exterior with a range of shapes and textures adds unique character to any space.

Retrofit Luminaires

Retrofit lighting fixtures, seamlessly fitting existing cutouts without ceiling adjustments. With flexible sizing, it replaces outdated fixtures with high power and efficiency.

Make it yours.

The sky is the limit with our extensive selection of shapes, textures and colors. Through flexible engineering, your design aspirations take flight, offering limitless potential and modular design every step of the way.

Illuminating the world to net zero.