Sustainability at heart.

Imagine a world where innovation meets responsibility, where every flicker of light contributes not just to a brighter space but to a brighter future. That’s the essence of IQ LUX. We’re not merely a lighting company; we’re a beacon of sustainability and technological advancement, driven by an unwavering commitment to preserving our planet.
In a world where illumination goes beyond the ordinary, our luminaires shine as symbols of change. Crafted from advanced 3D-printed recycled or biodegradable materials, they manifest our dedication to sustainability and innovation.



Polylactic acid is a bio-based and biodegradable material derived from sustainable sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Its production requires less energy and relies primarily on renewable resources, reducing dependance on petrochemicals. PLA offers outstanding flexibility and versatility and can be combined with other materials such as wood, concrete or plant fibers – further enhancing its functionality to meet various requirements.



Recycled PET is the material commonly used to make plastic bottles. With its high recycling rates, we view RPET as a valuable means to utilize existing resources effectively. By doing so, we breathe new life into materials that would otherwise go straight into landfill. A major benefit of incorporating RPET is its remarkable durability, allowing it to be utilized across various applications that demand higher heat resistance.

Versatility and adaptability are fundamental skills in nature. We decided to harness these unique skills and enhance our filaments with bio-based natural materials.

Crafted from a blend of reclaimed materials such as wood, concrete, graphite, ceramic, algae and soil, they undergo a transformation, repurposing waste while enriching our products with distinctive characteristics. These elements not only introduce striking colors and textures but also infuse our filaments with unique properties. Moreover, when their lifecycle ends, they leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Made from recycled materials.

We harness the versatility of recycled materials and additive manufacturing technology to create products that repurpose discarded materials.

Made with renewable energy.

Our operations are powered solely with solar energy, achieving carbon neutrality as all our machines run on renewable power sourced on location.

Made to inspire change.

We are committed to carve out even the last percent of efficiency and productivity gains, prioritizing long-term innovation over short-term returns.

Made to leave no trace behind.

Our products are engineered for longevity – to easily withstand the test of time while leaving no negative footprint on our planet – and our future.

Our goal is to create a circular product design with sustainability at heart. We achieve this by responsibly sourcing and processing raw materials at our solar-powered, in-house production facility in Graz, Austria.